Hannah and Thaddeus
Hannah and Thaddeus

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Hannah and Thaddeus met in the least romantic way possible in the spring of 2009 while they were both employed in the City of Anaheim’s Electrical Engineering Division. Thaddeus’ desk happened to be right next to the only large format scanner on the floor, which Hannah had never been trained on and needed to use. She walked up to him, said, “Hi, I’m Hannah, I sit over there. Do you know how to use this?” Thaddeus looked up, said, “No.” and went back to whatever he was doing. Hannah left in search of someone who could help her, and that was the last they saw of each other for a while.

Months later, Thaddeus was transferred into Hannah’s working group, which handled all the “random” things the Division took care of, like renewable energy projects and construction management. Hannah quickly became aware that Thaddeus was being given little to do (and none of it challenging), so she did him a favor by requesting he be assigned to help her with the most boring thing humans have possibly ever come up with to do as a job: maintaining construction drawings. Now, you may be thinking, “What the hell kind of favor is that?” But anyone who is thinking this is unaware of the narcolepsy inducing effects of either a cube farm or sorting through like 10,000 construction drawings in an empty trailer on a job-site. Trust me, it was a win-win proposition for both of them.

Working closely together is not how Thaddeus and Hannah became friends. What they were doing was tedious grunt-work that – while essential – was literally paper-pushing, and stuff like “Mechanical Schematic MA1001.4B.1, FACILITY LAYOUT, Revision 3”, “Check”, does not interesting conversation make. It doesn’t even open the door to the land in which interesting conversation dwells. So while they were friendly, they weren’t friends. And then one day, after weeks of this, they were presented with a gigantic group of drawings boldly titled “PIPING ISOMETRICS.” Thaddeus made a dirty joke about “PIPING ISOMETRICS.” Hannah snickered too hard at this dirty joke about “PIPING ISOMETRICS,” and the friendship was born. It was late fall, 2009.

Hannah and Thaddeus practiced being friends for a long time, and actually became really good at it. So good at it in fact, that their friendship turned into something else entirely. Lots of people noticed this, none of those people were Hannah or Thaddeus. To this day they are not sure when they truly started dating, but they have mutually agreed to say it happened on June 6, 2015; a totally random day previously unconnected to either of them for any reason, which made it the perfect choice.

In the time they’ve officially been together, all kinds of big things have happened, and – since this is not a fairy tale – not all of them were pleasant. Friends (lots of friends!) have been married, family and friends have passed, babies (cutie-pie babies!) are everywhere, businesses and careers have started and ended, the Broncos won the Super Bowl and the Chargers left San Diego, and – worst of all – everyone’s had to pay attention to politics. Somewhere in the midst of all this living, Thaddeus realized he’d found his Compass, and Hannah realized she’d found her Rock. Thaddeus proposed in the dark by the water on a secluded stretch of sand in Laguna Beach on December 15, 2017. Hannah did a little dance and said, “YES!” Then they had to climb six flights of stairs and walk a mile and a half uphill (both directions) in the dark next to a freeway to get back to the car. They didn’t notice how grueling this was until they were unreasonably sore from it the next day, because life is *that* good.

Like many choices in their now long relationship, they’ve randomly decided to have their wedding in October of 2019 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Irish people are nice, the food is excellent, the town is fun, the beer and whiskey are good, and they look forward to seeing you all there.

Sláinte mhaith Dahlings! Come and celebrate with us! :) – H&T

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