The easiest way to get to Kilkenny - the town where the wedding is - for most of you will be to fly into Dublin, and then take the train or a bus to Kilkenny (it's 80 miles from Dublin, ~1.5 hours). Be sure to check the Irish airline Aer Lingus for flights; they do operate out of most major American airports, have non-stop flights from California, and are usually very reasonably priced.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic, the largest city in the country, and home to the largest international airport: Dublin Airport. We are not arranging any accomodations in Dublin, but we will be there for several days before the wedding, and will love to meet you all Friday night (Oct. 11) for snacks and libations (please see the "Events" page for details). If you're looking for places to stay: City Center is close to basically everything, Temple Bar is the bar district and very loud and touristy (think Gaslamp in San Diego), and we will be staying in the Stonybatter neighborhood. But Dublin is pretty easy to get around and there are a lot of great options.

We will not be renting a car, and cannot provide info on car rentals beyond: they drive on the left, the steering is on the right...be safe and good luck. Most of the places we've been in Ireland are very walkable, and in additon to the usual Taxi/Lyft, there's pretty good public transport. Train service runs between major cities, but it's mostly busses, with coach style busses running longer inter-city routes. You should not need to rent a car for any of our events, but you may want to if you decide to explore Ireland beyond what we have planned as some of the "inbetween" places can be hard to get to via train/bus.

Some Hopefully Helpful Links
Aer Lingus' Website: https://www.aerlingus.com/html/en-US/home.html
Bus Service in Dublin: https://dublinbus.ie/
Inter-City Bus: http://www.buseireann.ie/
Train Service: http://www.irishrail.ie/
Irish Tourism Info: https://www.discoverireland.ie/
City of Dublin Tourism Info: https://dublin.ie/


FOOD: There are traditional Irish dishes, yes. You may have heard about Shepherd's Pie and Irish Stew, and may even know about colcannon, boxties, trifle, and others. These dishes are good (Hannah herself makes a mean Shepherd's Pie and Guinness & Dumpling Beef Stew), and you will find places that offer them, but our best food experiences in Ireland so far don't really revolve around them. Ireland has a great foodie culture similar to what you find here and we strongly recommend venturing beyond "traditional" "Irish" food. Look for good restaraunts/pubs and order what sounds good to you. We had fantastic pizza, sea food, pasta, sandwiches, and the best wings and cheesecake we've ever had on our venue finding trip. Explore like you would here. (Oh, but try Irish scones! Put all the things they give you on them. Yes, at the same time.)

DRINK: Please have a re-think before ordering "Irish Car Bombs" or "Black & Tan"s. These are American drinks that reference the British Occupation and Troubles; they can be offensive, and some bartenders won't even serve them. Ireland has the best beer and some of the best whiskey on the planet, so there's plenty of other options to try. Our favorites are Smithwick's, Guinness, and Kilkenny Irish Cream Red for beer; and Yellow Spot, Writer's Tears, and Middleton for whiskey. You may also want to review how to tip, as it works differently there.


If you want to head to Kilkenny immediatley on arrival in Ireland, it's probably better to take a bus as there are some which leave from the airport. They are coach style and quite nice. If you're going to stay in Dublin a day or two, the train may be a better choice. The train station you depart Dublin from will probably depend on where you stay, but most likely will be Connolly or Heuston Station. The train station in Kilkenny is MacDonagh, and it's within walking distance of the entire city center and about two to three blocks from our hotels and venue.

We are planning to take the 13:15 train from the Heuston station to Kilkenny on Saturday 12.Oct. If you'd like to travel with us, please meet us at the "The Galway Hooker Bar" (lololol) at the station 12:00ish to coordinate tix and grab a bite if you wanna.

Please see below for accomodation info.
More Hopefully Helpful Links
Inter-City Bus: http://www.buseireann.ie/
Train Service: http://www.irishrail.ie/
Irish Tourism Info: https://www.discoverireland.ie/
City of Kilkenny Tourism Info: https://visitkilkenny.ie/

Langton House Hotel

The location of our wedding ceremony and reception.

PLEASE NOTE: This link is for informational purposes only! If you try to book a room through the website, you will most likely get a message that there are no rooms available. This is because they are being held for wedding guests. Please call Langton House Hotel directly (calling advice below) to book rooms, and be sure to mention "the Guno Wedding" when booking to get wedding guest rates. Langton's is a smaller hotel, so if all the rooms are booked when you call, please try River Court (it's just down the street, see next for contact info).

69 John Street
Kilkenny, R95 XN44 Ireland
+353 56 7765133
Visit Website

Kilkenny River Court Hotel

River Court is about 220m down the street from Langton House Hotel. PLEASE NOTE: The link below is for informational purposes only! If you try to book a room through the website, you will most likely get a message that there are no rooms available. This is because rooms are being held for our guests. The best way to book is to call the hotel directly (calling advice below), and don't forget to mention "Reference #388525" for the group rate.

The Bridge, John Street
Kilkenny, R95 Y104 Ireland
+353 56 7723388


International calls can be confusing, we know, but it's the best way to book your room and make payment arrangements with our hotels in Kilkenny. For a great summary on how to make an international phone call please see: https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/phones-tech/call-uk-europe .

You may want to make sure your phone plan includes/covers international calls before doing this, and you might want to consider adding international coverage during your trip. Most carriers offer international calling and data coverage for short amounts of time at relatively reasonable rates. You should be able to call your carrier and ask what is available.


We are paying attention to the Brexit saga (as confusing and non-sensical as it is), and so far we see little impact to any of our events in terms of travel, logisistics, or safety. The Republic of Ireland is currently and will remain part of the EU; and since the (most recent) final deadline is 31 October, we really shouldn't be affected. If you are uncomfortable about the political situation though and haven't made your flight plans yet, you can avoid connections through United Kingdom cities like London, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh. You may especially want to do this if you are extending your trip through the latter part of October. There are many other connection options (a boat load Stateside; Reykjavik, Paris, etc.), and avoiding the UK may prevent you from dealing with any travel chaos/uncertainty caused by or in anticipation of Brexit.
Erin Deegan