Wedding Party



Hannah's bridal party are her siblings and closest friends.

Metairie Hecht

Brideswoman of Honor

Metairie is Hannah’s younger sister. She lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband and son, who is about to terrify everyone by getting his driver’s license. She is a fantastic singer, and her name is pronounced “Met-ah-ree” (it’s French).

Austin Foster


Austin is Hannah’s younger brother and a huge movie buff who lives in Golden, Colorado. Hannah is still angry with him for waking up in the middle of the night and eating all the strawberries when they were kids. He’s still mad at her for hogging the Super Mario Brothers, so it all evens out.

Parul Chokshi


Parul is The Bomb. She and Hannah met in San Diego while they were both law students at USD. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, but travels a lot for work where she does interesting things with people everyone has heard of. She loves diving, and has some amazing footage from her recent trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Kari Cureton


Kari and Hannah met while they were both working for a civil engineering firm in San Diego. She still lives in the San Diego area with her husband and two awesome and hilarious kids. Kari inspires Hannah on the daily by successfully running her own business as an artist, and being one of the strongest and dopest people Hannah knows.



Thaddeus and his groomsmen are all part of the Legendary Kappa class of the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity at Cal Poly U. in San Luis Obispo.

Hy Huynh

Best Man

Hy (pronounced “He”) lives in San Jose, California with his wife and two adorable kids. He’s had Thaddeus’ back from the beginning and is probably the most grounded person in existence. Hy and Thaddeus have shared many adventures together, including touring the entire state of California in a single week without their own vehicle.

Daniel Shem


Daniel lives in San Ramon, California, with his wife and entertaining one-year old son. Daniel is known for having his own kind of creative solutions to problems/situations, which are officially known as “Daniel-utions”. He and Thaddeus have pitted their ultimate gaming talents against each other in a wide array of competitions, from “Fight Night” to “Mario Party” to “Monopoly Card Game”. Neither will admit to who wins the most often.

Geoffrey Lee


Geoff and Thaddeus have actually become closer friends since they left San Luis Obispo, even though they live farther apart. Geoff lives in San Francisco with his wife and rambunctious one-year old daughter. He’s known for his somewhat strange sense of humor, and for going out of his way to make sure his friends are taken care of. Geoff’s an absolutely out of this world chef, and one of the kindest people ever.

Randy Chang


Randy lives in Sunnyvale, California, with his wife and two fantastic daughters. His easy-going nature and quick wit means he’s always ready with a wisecrack or amusing comment that makes you laugh and want to throw something at him. He’s always felt like family, and he inspires Thaddeus to be more social, caring, and mindful.
Erin Deegan